Write your WHAT off???

You’ve all heard of NaNoWriMo. Well, our CNY chapter of RWA is using the month of January as WYAO (which stands for write you @$$ off). And after this insane month of December, I am more than ready to do it. We are following the same rules as NaNo, so this should be fun. I have always wanted to participate in NaNo, but never have. We’ve done a smaller scale version in our chapter called Happy 100’s, where we have to write 100 words a day for a specified amount of time, and we’ve done BIAW (book in a week) where we set goals for the week and hope to make them, but I have never committed to anything for an entire month. And I only get 3 “mulligans”!!!! This girl needs to buckle down for sure!!

I have 100 pages of a project that is screaming to be complete. It needs to be complete because I basically have someone interested in it, but it has to be finished. I have the first 100 pages done and the rest of the book is plotted out. I think I’m headed for some decent productivity, and I will have to make SURE I write SOMETHING on each and every day of the week!!!

In responding to a post from a chapter mate who indicated she was preparing for our WYAO by putting together a playlist for her current wip, I said how at this stage in my story I cannot have a playlist. I need quiet to be creative. Knowing that to be this disciplined during WYAO, I will be writing under all kinds of circumstances and quiet will be far from happening. To battle this evil, I recently downloaded an album of songs from the ocean – specifically areas in Cape Cod, Mass. I love it there! and I love the ocean. And when I put on my earbuds, I am transported right there to the shore. The waves crash in, the wind blows and occasionally I hear a gull.

At first I was kidding by saying all I needed to do was get an ocean scented candle, put on my flip-flops and big fuzzy sweater while I ran the stand-up fan and played my ocean music and I’d really think I was there! Now, I’m thinking that might be just what I need to set the mood and the course of action to make this a successful month!

2011 was undoubtedly a tough year for me. With the debut of my first book in December, and my second due to come out in January, I have a third to put out after that plus at least 2 projects to finish for submission and an idea for another Holiday romance. I really need this WYAO to count. And I think to break out of my rutt, I just might have to cue in on some “atmosphere”.

I will be keeping you all posted every Friday with my progress! If you’d like to join in, feel free to use my Friday blog day as a chime in point! We can keep each other going.  Kind of like a writing Flash Mob – we meet on Fridays and go writing crazy!!!

Anybody else ready to shake things up in their writing world? What kinds of projects are you undertaking for the new year? Need a little shove? Maybe it’s time YOU WYAO!!